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Our Team of Tour Guides & Coachmen

We love providing the best experience for you!

Coachmen for Olde Towne Carriages, horse, horseback riding


Christine Kovacs

Christine has owned Olde Towne carriages going on 9 years. She has been involved with horses for 48 years. Her love started at 9 years of age and she shown, trained horses and taught students until she headed off to college to earn her Bachelor's of Science degree in Equestrian studies, the rest is history!

Tour Guide/Coachmen

Tour Guide/Coachmen

Eric Haas 

Tour Guide

Eric is one of our newer coachmen, but grew up riding horses in both the hunter and eventing rings. His ever-present smile and social nature make him a lot of fun as a tour guide. He loves to do all types of rides, especially family rides and weddings! 

And the proud Dad that his is loves when his son our helper comes along for the ride. 

Our Special Helpers 

Future Coachmen

We have a young men, who is a  wonderful helper. He does everything from cleaning the carriages, holding horses, and riding along with his dad, Eric. Connor do an excellent job helping and learning about our industry.


RIP - BRYAN DOBAK 1/20/2023

Bryan was a kind you man, and we had high hopes for him. He had a real love of our horses we lost Bryan to cancer in Janurary 2023. 

We will miss him everyday! 

Bryan and Tony are riding together in heaven!


The Horses

Carriage Horse, Horse and Carriage,  Horse

Experienced "Miss Moody"


Faith is a Morgan/Percheron cross. She is our bravest horse but also the most stubborn. Her bravery makes her a great carriage horse as she is really solid on the streets. Faith loves peppermint treats!

Horse, Carriage Horse,  Horse and Carriage for Hire

Greenie -New

Fred (Fred Astaire)

Fred is our new horse and he is working out well, he is the youngest but very sweet and hard working. We hope he will come out of his shell and be as sweet as our beloved, "Tony" was!

White Horse, Baraat Horse, Carriage Horse,  South Asian Wedding

Experienced "Cadillac"


Patricia is the cadillac of all the horses, she is beautiful and talented. I can parallel park her faster than you can parallel park your car. She is our go to wedding horse. She has a special place in our heart. 

Black carriage horse, horse, black horse, carriage horse for hire

Experienced and Steady


Raven is a Percheron and fairly new to the carriage business. She was an Amish plow horse and her life was not to happy. She is fitting in and she is getting used to all the attention and love. She as finally learned to except treats!

Tony - RIP

Sept. 23rd, 2020

We lost our heart horse Tony in September, he and Patricia were brother and sister. He was one of the best horses I have ever owned and he loved his job and people. He was grade gelding half Gypsy Vanner and half Percheron. Tony was a big white puppy dog! He was sweet as could be unless you walk by the carriage stand with pizza. He loved pizza! He melted your heart and he was a good soul gone too soon! I am sure he earned his unicorn horn and is one of the creators favorite souls!

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