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Traditional Wedding Services

Feel like royalty! Ride in style in our elegant wedding carriages!

We have been part of that special day for hundreds of brides and grooms, and we love every minute of it: there is something to be said about being part of a special event like a wedding! We provide carriage services within a 100-mile radius of the City of Fredericksburg, VA.


We currently have two wedding carriages available: our white with wine accents and our white with royal blue accents, you can’t go wrong with either as they are both beautiful. You have the choice of a white, brown, or black horse to pull your carriage of choice. All carriage horses are experienced and very sweet.

Incorporate a carriage in your own wedding or hire us as a wedding gift for a loved one:


Send off - Leaving in a carriage as a send off after a reception is a romantic way to end a very busy day. After the reception, the bride and groom can ride away together into the sunset or evening full of stars. Take a relaxing ride enjoying those special moments together before returning to the hotel or to attend an after party to party the night away. This is the most popular idea.


Surprise the Bride! - It’s amazing to watch a bride’s face light up when they walk out and see a horse and carriage!


Photo opportunity - It's unique, it's original! Our carriages make an elegant backdrop for your wedding photos; there is nothing more glamorous than a beautiful bride in a beautiful white carriage. You don't have to be royalty to feel like it! Why not incorporate a time to take some pictures in the carriage before your ride. Our favorite photo is when the bride stands by the horse and kisses his nose.


Share the experience - Offer rides at the reception, it gives guests an added activity to enjoy and is great fun.


Get Attention - Every time we travel down the street with a couple that's just been hitched, they get tons of well-wishes, waves, and smiles from the people that we pass by. This goes for strangers too. Seeing the carriage and the happy couple just puts everyone into a better mood!


All carriages will be decorated in the bride’s colors.  Service includes photo opportunities and ride from venue to venue. Keep in mind carriages are slow moving vehicles and we will not go on high speed roads. 


South Asian Baraat Service

The Baraat is a bridegroom's wedding procession in India and Pakistan. It is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue on a mare, accompanied by his family members.

The "Godi" (white mare) is a symbol of speed, power, faithfulness, devotion and dynamism. Horses were used to conquer enemies. To ride a horse you have to overpower the qualities it symbolizes. Riding a mare indicates that the man has gained command over his childish behavior and is ready to take responsibilities.

The baraat can become a large procession, with its own band, drummer and dancers.

The groom and his horse are covered in finery and do not usually take part in the dancing and singing; that is left to the "baraatis" or people accompanying the procession.

The term baraati is also more generically used to describe any invitee from the groom's side.

The baraat, is accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol. The groom is sometimes greeted with garlands and aarti.

Starting at $750

Other Services

Haywagon, Horse and Buggy, Horse and Carriage, Parade Services, festivals, Holiday Events


Hayrides/Reunion Services

We have two farm locations where you can come out and enjoy the outdoors, set around a fire and take a hayride. 


One farm is located in Stafford, VA and the other in Hustle, VA. 


We can also bring the wagon to your community for festivals, Halloween or Christmas Events.

White Horse, Farm Visits, Carriage Ride, Pony Rides, Unicorn Rides


Farm Visits

Make arrangements to visit our Wildflower Garden and Farm in Stafford, VA.  Have a picnic,  learn about horses, our wildlife habitate. Carriage ride and pony or unicorn ride. 


If you like Morgans, mini horses and mini moos, you can visit Spindleback Stables in Hustle,  VA.  You can camp  out for the weekend and meet the awesome animals.


The Boarman's raise Morgans, Mini Horses and Highland Cows. 


Carriage driving lessons are avialabel as well. 

Carriage Horse, Festival Services, Wagon, Wagonette, Special Events, Carriage for Hire


Special Events

We provide carriage rides to companies, non profits, and communities.


We can bring our wagons, wagonettes or elegant carriages to your location. 


We provide parade services as well. Arrive in style! 

Our Carriages


Spindleback Carriages

Blue and White 

Olde Towne Carriages

Red and White

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